Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nov 2016 Update

HI  Fellow pool players.

  It's time to return to shooting pool. I see the activity at the billiard hall has picked up.
the increase activity may tell h.o.a.1. We need a larger billiard room with more tables .  Call Board Pres. Jim Daily at 825-2836 or e- mail and G.M. Vivian Timian at 825-3048
ext 129 or e-mail her at  ask them to build a larger billiard hall with more tables. Only your voice will make it happen. Any members that want to form a small group and shoot pool call Al Petito 825-9428. The CLUB election will be coming soon. Think about helping or running for office. I spoke to Quail creek billiard club Pres. Check out a great web-site
Lots of links to click on. Check it out.

Al Petito
Club Pres.